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From creative guidance to media placement, and from marketing to consumer products, INK’s business units provide life-cycle maintenance to our brands.


Conceived in-house or sourced from independent artists, creative ideas are polished here. We love captivating images and complex stories that shine with uniqueness, purpose and universal appeal.


We increase the project success rate by market validation. Long before a show exits the studio doors, the media department steps in to pitch, promote and pre-sale it to media platforms.


The brand development team orchestrates direct-to-consumer relationships by enriching the brand story with ‘INKciting’ activities across all platforms and mediums. It creates promo partnerships, driving awareness and deliver longevity and profit to the IP.


The consumer products unit builds licensing programs by synergizing licensees and driving the IP globally across all product categories. Along with local market insights, our solid relationships with manufacturers and retailers result in unrivaled merch biz.


Our Stories

To compete in the rapidly changing and constantly evolving entertainment market, one has to be special. So away with worn templates! We only look for unique stories with a clear point of difference, and build on quality instead of volume.


Charged with global appeal to play across the globe, INK’s concepts, designs and characters come with top-notch production values.

Fast Forward

Two decades of working with and learning from iconic movie studios and the world's biggest consumer brands like LucasFilm, 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks, and LEGO gave us the experience and inspiration to be a global entertainment developer.


By combining passion for premium storytelling with expertise in brand growth through product extensions, we develop, own and monetize media franchises on a worldwide scale.

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Beyond TV

Consumers want their content everywhere and right away. We meet the demand by creating brand universes with multi-format experiences, tailored to users’ ad hoc surroundings. Feel like casual-playing? Here’s an app. Jogging? Here’s an audio book.


An Ink brand is a multiplex, where each screen shows something that is specifically designed for a given environment or gadget; be it a TV, a VR visor, a cinema, or a smart speaker.

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