Projects 2020-2021

The project slate includes in-house projects and those third party productions,
where INK is a service provider in media sales and merchandising strategies.



ZAFARI is the story of a secret African valley filled with animals, who are magically born with the skin of other animals. We follow Zoomba, a baby elephant with zebra stripes, and his sidekick Quincy the Monkey, as they laugh, learn and grow. Promoting inclusivity and friendship; ZAFARI inspires kids to celebrate differences, as everybody is unique in some way. With nature as the setting of the stories, we remind ourselves to care and nurture the planet, so we can all continue to enjoy its wonders, together.



When a rival dynasty defies the rule of Córdoba Caliph, his daughter Mawia embarks on a quest to collect magic gems, which—if brought together—allegedly defeat foes. Escorted by a Viking bodyguard, she crosses the world, deals with risky challenges, and solves charades of life in an incredible journey of maturing and self-discovery.



Moonzy is a gentle baby alien, who winds up on Earth and finds a whole new world of friendship, joy and wonder with a little help from his new forest buddies. He will get acquainted with a boisterous school of ladybugs, compete to win a magic wand, and discover the intricate challenges of aero tubing—a summer of adventure is ahead of the little fellow.



Mervyn owns a very special Stamp Album, that enables him to enter the world inside stamps. There Mervyn explores fantasy lands, meets unbelievable creatures, witnesses events of the past and future, discovers domains beyond wildest imagination, and creates new realities! There Mervyn uncovers a conspiracy that crosses the divide between the worlds…



When a mysterious villain steals the @ symbol, electronic communication grinds to a halt. The Mojicons embark on a dangerous quest to restore their system. Trouble is, they don’t know what their ‘system’ actually is! Many a jaw will drop on both sides of the screen as the Internet reveals its secrets to both the Mojicons and the kids watching their crazy adventures.


An inclusion education program installs a Robot kid into a human class. It is soon befriended by a couple of mischievous troublemakers. A perfect victim, tool, prop and lookout in their pranks, the Robot learns about social life and death, stretchy family ties, and the society, which rubs elbows with artificial intelligence.



An amnesiac alien called Coobo sets off on an action-packed journey across the Universe in search of clues to reconstruct his past and find out who he is. With a little help from a strawberry dog, an overeducated caterpillar and an overly emotional starship, Coobo will jump from one planet to another in a series of hilarious adventures.



The family of the Barkers head to the country to enjoy a ‘barking good’ time. The energetic pups are in for a non-stop fun, as they dig to find dinosaurs, hunt for treasures and mushrooms, fight with imaginary monsters, and make contact with aliens (and mosquitoes). With their ingenuity, courage and friendship tested again and again, this will be a vacation to remember!