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Get to Know Us

Here is the management team of serial entrepreneurs, adventurous bookkeepers, whip-snapping marketeers, and mushroom-hunting visionaries — all with strong creative instincts. And we've been swashbuckling together for almost two decades!

Claus Tømming

Managing Partner (Management Board)

The stories we tell make the world a better place. The value chains we commit to make brands a better business.

Annalisa Woods

Commercial Director (Management Board)

Stories can change the world. By empowering stories with market strategies, we share them to inspire the future generations.

Tina Zacho Alexandersen

Head of Licensing


The joy of reaching out and taking your favorite character off the shelf is a universal feeling shared by kids across the world.

Jannie Karlsson

COO (Management Board)


The uniqueness we find in our stories, we also find in ourselves. In each of us and in our team.

Anabella Stoica

Head of Legal (Management Board)


A unique story should always be empowered by a strong IP strategy. Taking your IP protection seriously means taking your brand seriously.

Didde Beyer Olrik

Creative Director


It begins with an idea, and then it becomes magic – a story is more than words, it is a whole world of design and emotions.

Dmitry Gordinsky

Head of Development


To find tales, taking you where no man has gone before, we go places no one else goes.